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Learn More About Growing Little Leprechaun Lettuce|


Tired of the instead uninspired, monochrome eco-friendly Romaine lettuce? Attempt expanding Little Leprechaun lettuce plants. Keep reading to discover Little Leprechaun treatment in the yard.

About Lettuce ‘Little Leprechaun’

Little Leprechaun lettuce plants sporting activity stunning variegated fallen leaves of woodland eco-friendly tipped with wine red. This kind of lettuce is a Romaine, or cos lettuce, that resembles Winter Density with a wonderful core as well as crunchy fallen leaves.

Little Leprechaun lettuce expands to in between 6-12inches (15-30centimeters.) in elevation with Romaine’s stereotyped upright, a little shook up fallen leaves.

How to Grow Little Leprechaun Lettuce Plants

Little Leprechaun prepares to gather concerning 75 days from sowing. Seeds can be begun with March to August. Plant seeds 4-6 weeks before the last frost day for your location. Plant the seeds 1/4 inch (6 mm.) deep in wet tool in a location with temperature levels at the very least 65 F. (18C.).

When the seeds obtain their very first collection of fallen leaves, slim them to 8-12inches (20-30centimeters.) apart. When thinning, reduce the seed startings with scissors so you do not disrupt the origins of surrounding seed startings. Maintain the seed startings moist.

Transplant the seed startings to a warm place in an increased bed or container with productive, wet dirt besides risk of frost has actually passed.

Little Leprechaun Plant Care

The dirt must be maintained wet, not bloated. Secure the lettuce from slugs, snails as well as rabbits.

To prolong the harvest period, plant succeeding growings. Just like all lettuce, Little Leprechaun will certainly bolt as summer season temperature levels increase.



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