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Banana Tree Dying After Bearing Fruit– Do Banana Trees Die After Harvest|


Banana treesare outstanding plants to expand in the residence landscape. Not just are they lovely exotic samplings, however a lot of them bearedible banana tree fruit You might have seen banana trees passing away after birthing fruit if you have actually ever before seen or expanded banana plants. Why do banana trees pass away after fruiting? Or do they actually pass away after collecting?

Do Banana Trees Die After Harvest?

The basic solution is of course. Banana trees do pass away after harvest. Banana plants take about 9 months to mature and also generate banana tree fruit, and afterwards as soon as the bananas have actually been gathered, the plant passes away. It appears nearly depressing, however that isn’t the whole tale.

Reasons for Banana Tree Dying After Bearing Fruit

Banana trees, in fact seasonal natural herbs, are consisted of a delicious, succulent “pseudostem” that is in fact a cyndrical tube of fallen leave sheaths which can mature to 20-25feet (6 to 7.5 m.) in elevation. They rise from a root or corm.

Once the plant has actually fruited, it passes away back. This is when fools, or baby banana plants, start to expand from around the base of the moms and dad plant. The previously mentioned corm has expanding factors that become brand-new fools. These suckers (pups) can be removed and transplantedto expand brand-new banana trees and also 1 or 2 can be delegated expand instead of the moms and dad plant.

So, you see, although the moms and dad tree passes away back, it is changed by infant bananas nearly right away. They will certainly be simply like it in every regard since they are expanding from the corm of the moms and dad plant. Do not fret if your banana tree is passing away after birthing fruit. In an additional 9 months, the infant banana trees will certainly be all matured like the moms and dad plant and also prepared to offer you with an additional delicious lot of bananas.



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