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Romeo Cherry Fruit Trees– How To Grow Romeo Cherries|


If you’re seeking a delicious cherry that is really durable and also expands in a hedge type, look no more than the Romeo cherry tree. Even more of a hedge than a tree, this dwarf range creates fruit and also springtime blossoms perfectly, expands in norther areas of the U.S., and also withstands lots of conditions.

What are Romeo Cherries?

Romeo is a more recent variety of cherry that was established at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. It comes from a team of cherry selections established there that are usually called meadow cherries. They were all made to be durable, stand up to conditions, expand tiny, and also generate a great deal of fruit.

The Romeo range creates dark red, succulent cherries that are extra sharp than wonderful however have a scrumptious taste. The juiciness makes them wonderful for pushing right into juice, however you can likewise consume these cherries fresh and also cook with them.

Romeo expands like a hedge and also just to 6 or 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 m.) in elevation. It is durable via area 2, which suggests it can be expanded also in the chilliest components of the 48 states and also also in lots of components of Alaska.

How to Grow Romeo Cherries

Grow your Romeo cherry tree in an area with complete sunlight and also in dirt that drains pipes well and also is somewhat acidic. Cherries favor to have wet dirt however not standing water, so they will certainly require normal watering throughout the expanding period, particularly in the initial 2 to 3 years. Take unique like sprinkle the tree throughout droughts in the summer season.

Prune throughout the winter months or very early springtime prior to brand-new development shows up to maintain a clean and also cool form and also to make sure excellent air circulation in between branches.

Your Romeo cherry is self-pollinating, which suggests it will certainly establish fruit without having one more cherry range close by to cross-pollinate it. Having that extra range will certainly boost pollination and also result in even more fruit.

When they are ripe or simply prior to ripening,

Harvest Romeo cherry fruits. They need to prepare around completion of August or early in September. Various other selections of meadow cherry, like Carmine Jewel, prepare as long as a month previously, so if you grow greater than one kind, you can obtain an extra continual harvest.



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