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Learn More About Growing Parris Island Cos Plants|


In late wintertime, as we thumb with seed directories anxiously waiting for the following horticulture period, it can be alluring to get seeds of every veggie selection that we have not attempted expanding. As garden enthusiasts, we understand that simply one small, low-cost seed can quickly come to be an impressive plant, creating even more fruit than we can also consume as well as the majority of us just have feet to collaborate with in the yard, not acres.

While some plants use up a great deal of area in the yard, lettuce takes really little area as well as can be expanded in the amazing temperature levels of springtime, loss as well as also wintertime in some areas when really couple of various other yard veggies are expanding. You can additionally grow different varieties of lettuce one by one for a much longer period of collecting fresh fallen leaves as well as heads. One superb lettuce to attempt in the yard for a lengthy harvest is Parris Island cos lettuce.

Parris Island Lettuce Info

Named after Parris Island, a little island off the eastern coast in South Carolina, Parris Island lettuce was initially presented in1952 Today, it is commemorated as a dependable antique lettuce as well as is a favored romaine lettuce (additionally called cos) in the southeastern U.S. where it can be expanded in loss, springtime as well as wintertime.

If provided a little mid-day color as well as day-to-day watering,

It can be slow-moving to bolt in the warmth of summertime. Not just does supply a lengthy expanding period, Parris Island cos lettuce additionally apparently has the highest possible dietary worths of any kind of lettuce.

Parris Island lettuce is a romaine selection with dark environment-friendly fallen leaves as well as a lotion to white heart. It creates vase-shaped heads which can mature to 12 inches (30centimeters.) high. Its external fallen leaves are normally collected as required for yard fresh salads or a wonderful, crisp enhancement to sandwiches, instead than the entire head being collected at as soon as.

In enhancement to its lengthy period as well as extraordinary nourishment worths, Parris Island is immune to lettuce mosaic virus as well as tipburn.

Growing Parris Island Cos Plants

Growing Parris Island cos is no various than expanding any kind of lettuce plant. Seeds can be planted straight in the yard as well as will certainly grow in around 65-70days.

They must be grown in rows undertaken 36 inches (91centimeters.) apart as well as thinned to ensure that plants are no closer than 12 inches (30centimeters.) apart.

Lettuce plants call for concerning an inch (2.5 centimeters.) of water weekly for ideal development. They will certainly call for additional water to protect against bolting if expanding Parris Island cos lettuce throughout the warm summertime months. Maintaining the dirt cool as well as damp with layers of compost or straw will certainly additionally aid it expand with tough weather condition.

Keep in mind that, like a lot of lettuce kinds, slugs and snails can often be a trouble.



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