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Popular Purple Petunia Cultivars– Growing Petunias That Are Purple|

Petuniasare incredibly prominent blossoms, both in yard beds and also hanging baskets. Readily available in all type of forms, shades, and also dimensions, there is a petunia for practically every circumstance. What if you understand you desire purple petunias? Maybe you have apurple colored garden scheme There are a lot of selections to pick from. Maintain reviewing to read more concerning expanding purple petunia blossoms and also picking purple petunias for your yard.

Popular Petunias That are Purple

When you think about petunias, your mind could leap to timeless pink. These blossoms come in a large variety of shades. Right here are some prominent purple petunia selections:

Sugar Daddy“– Bright purple blossoms with a deep purple facility that expands via the flowers in capillaries.

Littletunia Indigo“– A portable plant that creates a respected variety of tiny, purple to blue blooms.

Moonlight Bay“– Deep, abundant purple blossoms with velvety white flower boundaries.

Potunia Purple“– Extremely intense purple blossoms that are vivid right via.

Saguna Purple with White“– Large, intense magenta blossoms that are bordered with tidy white boundaries.

Sweetunia Mystery Plus“– White to really light purple blossoms with a deep purple.

Night Sky“– Stunning deep purple/indigo blossoms with uneven white speckles that make this cultivar its name.

Purple Pirouette“– A thick dual petunia with extreme, shook up flowers of dark and also white purple.

More Purple Petunia Varieties

Here are some even more easy-to-grow and also prominent petunias that are purple:

Espresso Frappe Ruby“– Frilled green blossoms that expand so heavily it’s difficult to see the fallen leaves below.

Storm Deep Blue“– While the name claims ‘blue,’ the blossoms are really an extremely deep color of indigo/purple.

Mambo Purple“– Extremely big, 3.5 inch (9 centimeters.) broad blossoms that are abundant wine red to magenta in shade.

Merlin Blue Morn“– Don’t allow the name fool you, these 2.5 inch (6.5 centimeters.) broad blossoms strengthen from light lavender to deep purple/blue.


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