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What’s The Difference Between Yucca And Dracaena|


So you’ve been offered a plant with spiky fallen leaves however no additional details, consisting of the name of the plant. It looks acquainted, instead like a dracaena or yucca, however you have no suggestion what the distinction in between a yucca as well as dracaena is. Just how can you inform which it is? Keep reading to figure out just how to inform a yucca from a dracaena plant.

Yucca vs. Dracaena

What’s the distinction in between yucca as well as dracaena? While both yucca as well as dracaena have lengthy strap-like, sharp fallen leaves, this is where the distinctions in between both end.

First of all, yucca comes from the household Agavaceae as well as is belonging to Mexico as well as the Southwest United States. Dracaena, on the various other hand, belongs to the household Asparagaceae, which incorporates an extra 120 types of trees as well as delicious bushes.

How to Tell a Yucca from a Dracaena

What various other yucca as well as dracaena distinctions exist?

Yuccais most typically expanded as an exterior plant as well as dracaena really typically, an interior houseplant. Both can be expanded either inside or out, depending on the area as well as kind expanded. Dracaena flourishes in home temperature levels as well as will certainly also succeed outdoors supplied temperature levels are around 70 F. As soon as temps decrease listed below 50 F. (10C.) nonetheless, the plant experiences chilly damages.

Yucca, on the various other hand, is belonging to the dry as well as warm areas of the Americas as well as the Caribbean. One would certainly anticipate that it chooses cozy temperature levels, as well as it does for the many component; nonetheless, it is forgiving of temperature levels down to 10 F. (-12C.) as well as can be grown in lots of environments.

Yucca is a tiny tree to hedge that is covered with sword-like, sharp fallen leaves that expand to in between 1-3 feet (30-90centimeters.) in size. The vegetation on the reduced part of the plant is typically comprised of dead, brownish fallen leaves.

Although dracaena likewise has lengthy sharp fallen leaves, they often tend to be a lot more inflexible than those of yucca. They are likewise darker environment-friendly as well as, relying on the cultivar, might also be multi-hued. Dracaena plant likewise generally, although not constantly, relying on the cultivar, have numerous trunks as well as look far more like an actual tree than that of yucca.

There is, actually, an additional resemblance besides the sharp fallen leaves in between yucca as well as dracaena. Both plants can obtain rather high, however because dracaena is even more of a houseplant, trimming as well as the selection of cultivar typically maintain the plant’s dimension to an extra workable elevation.

Additionally, on dracaena plants, when the fallen leaves pass away, they drop from the plant, leaving a particular ruby formed fallen leave mark on the stem of the plant. When leaves die on yucca, they often tend to continue to be adhered to the trunk of the plant as well as brand-new fallen leaves press out as well as expand atop them.



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