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How You Can Solve Common Dracaena Plant Issues|

Dracaenasare palm-like trees and also bushes that are usually expanded as houseplants. They can be found in numerous forms, selections and also elevations, yet numerous have strappy sword-shaped fallen leaves and also are evergreens. Dracaenas are typically hard, care free houseplants. You might experience troubles with dracaena plants from time to time. Keep reading for usual dracaena troubles and also how you can assist.

What’s Wrong with my Dracaena?

Problems with dracaena houseplants typically entail unacceptable social treatment instead of something a lot more major. Plant conditions are extremely hardly ever an issue.

Dracaena social treatment is easy, yet you have to take notice of their demands to maintain them healthy and balanced. These plants require indirect yet intense sunshine. When they dry out, they likewise require to be watered with warm water on a normal basis.

So just what’s incorrect with my dracaena houseplant, you ask? Dracaena plant concerns in the house are typically water or parasite associated.

Common Dracaena Plant Issues

Too little water or extremely reduced moisture could trigger the plant to obtain completely dry suggestions and also sides. Way too much water could lead to dracaena plant concerns like an abrupt loss of fallen leaves or origin rot. Fallen leave loss and also origin rot could likewise be triggered by inadequate drain.

If you place these plants in straight sunlight, your dracaena troubles could consist of rounded completely dry spots and also touches on the fallen leaves. Yellowing suggestions could imply excess fertilizing. This could likewise arise from excessive fluoride in the water.

Scale insectsand also mites are one of the most usual bug bugs of dracaena. You’ll see them on the fallen leaves otherwise notification yellowing. Clean them off with soapy water or purchase a therapy at the yard shop.

More Serious Problems with Dracaena

Those expanding dracaena plants outdoors will certainly need to deal with even more major dracaena troubles. These could consist of fusarium fallen leave place and also soft rot. Fallen leave curse might likewise take place on these plants yet is much less usual.

If your dracaena plant concerns turn up as reddish or tan places with yellow halos, the plant might have fusarium fallen leave place, a fungi problem. The finding will certainly get on young fallen leaves and also typically near the fallen leave base. The means to avoid fusarium fallen leave place is to discontinue overhanging watering. The means to deal with existing fallen leave place is to use a fungicide inning accordance with identify instructions.

If your troubles with dracaena entail soft rot, the plant will certainly scent and also look like it is deteriorating. Reduced leaves collapse. This is not an issue that could be healed, so deal with the plant.


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