Home Gardening Tips Charleston Gray Watermelon Care – Growing Heirloom Watermelons In The Garden|TakeSeeds.com

Charleston Gray Watermelon Care – Growing Heirloom Watermelons In The Garden|TakeSeeds.com

Charleston Gray Watermelon Care – Growing Heirloom Watermelons In The Garden|TakeSeeds.com


Charleston Gray watermelons are substantial, lengthened melons, called for their greenish-gray peel. The brilliant red fresh of this treasure melon is pleasant as well as juicy. If you could give lots of sunshine as well as heat, expanding treasure watermelons like Charleston Gray isn’t really hard. Allow’s find out exactly how.

Charleston Gray History

According to Cambridge University Press, Charleston Gray watermelon plants were established in 1954 by C.F. Andrus of the United States Department of Agriculture. Charleston Gray as well as a number of various other cultivars were established as component of a reproducing program created to develop disease-resistant melons.

Charleston Gray watermelon plants were commonly expanded by industrial farmers for 4 years as well as stay prominent amongst residence garden enthusiasts.

How to Grow Charleston Gray Melons

Here are some valuable ideas on Charleston Gray watermelon treatment in the yard:.

Plant Charleston Gray watermelons straight in the yard in very early summer season, when the weather condition is continually cozy as well as dirt temperature levels have actually gotten to 70 to 90 F. (21to 32 C.). Begin seeds inside 3 to 4 weeks prior to the last predicted frost. Harden the seedlings for a week prior to transplanting them outdoors.

Watermelonscall for complete sunshine as well as abundant, well-drained dirt. Dig a charitable quantity of garden compost of well-rotted manure right into the dirt prior to growing. Plant 2 or 3 melon seeds 1/2 inch (13mm.) deep in piles. Room the piles 4 to 6 feet (1 to 1.5 m.) apart.

When the seed startings are regarding 2 inches (5 centimeters.),

Thin the seedlingsto one healthy and balanced plant each pile high. When the seed startings are regarding 4 inches (10centimeters.), Mulch the dirt around the plants high. A pair inches of compost will certainly dissuade weeds while maintaining the dirt moist as well as cozy.

Keep the dirt continually wet (however not soaked) up until the melons have to do with the dimension of a tennis round. After that, water just when the dirt is completely dry. Water with a soaker tube or drip watering system. Stay clear of above watering, when possible. Quit sprinkling regarding a week prior to harvest, sprinkling just if the plants show up shrivelled. (Keep in mind that wilting is regular on warm days.)

Control development of weeds; or else, they will certainly burglarize the plants of dampness as well as nutrients. Expect insects, consisting of aphids as well as cucumber beetles.

Harvest Charleston Gray melons when the peels transform a plain color of eco-friendly as well as the component of the melon touching the dirt, formerly straw yellow to greenish-white, transforms velvety yellow. Cut melons from the creeping plant with a sharp blade. Leave regarding an inch (2.5 centimeters.) of stem connected, unless you plant to make use of the melon instantly.



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