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Dracaena Plant Varieties – What Are The Best Kinds Of Dracaenas To Grow|

Dracaenais a preferred houseplant for several factors, not the very least which is the amazing vegetation that can be found in a variety of forms, shades, dimensions, as well as patterns, like red stripes. There are several dracaena plant selections, so examine them full blast prior to you select your following houseplant or more.

About Dracaena Plant Varieties

There are several type of dracaenas that are frequently utilized as houseplants. One factor that they are so preferred inside is that they are very easy to preserve and also expand. They approve indirect and also reduced light and also just should be sprinkled around as soon as a week. A little plant food one or two times a year is all these plants require, and also trimming isn’t really required really usually either.

When a NASA research study discovered that they could clean interior air of contaminants,

These plants additionally came to be renowned. There are several dracaena plants to attempt, and also by picking a couple of for your house, you could obtain a wonderful series of sensational vegetation in addition to cleaner, much healthier air.

Popular Varieties of Dracaena

The variety of dracaena plants offered makes this a huge and also varied team, identified from each various other by the series of amazing vegetation attributes. Below are several of the extra preferred sorts of dracaena to pick from:.

Corn Plant This dracaena is usually simply called corn plant and also is the kind that was utilized in the NASA research studies. There are a number of cultivars in this team. The name originates from the fallen leaves that look like those of corn– long, arching, and also often with a yellow red stripe.

Lucky Bamboo Lots of people are uninformed that lucky bamboo, which isn’t really a bamboo plant in all, is in fact a kind of dracaena. It is usually expanded in water or dirt atmospheres and also thought about an essential Feng Shui plant.

Gold Dust For a much shorter, shrubbier dracaena, attempt Gold Dust. The fallen leaves are environment-friendly with yellow speckles that at some point transform white.

Madagascar Dragon Tree This astonishment is additionally called red-margined dracaena and also has slim fallen leaves with red purple margins. Some cultivars, like ‘Tricolor,’ have red and also lotion red stripes.

Ribbon Plant The bow plant is a tiny dracaena, 4 to 5 inches (10to 13 centimeters.) high. The fallen leaves are lance designed and also have white margins.

Deremensis There are a couple of cultivars of this types of dracaena. ‘Janet Craig’ prevails and also has glossy, dark environment-friendly fallen leaves. ‘Lemon Lime’ is a more recent cultivar with chartreuse, environment-friendly, and also white red stripes on the fallen leaves. ‘Warneckii’ has leatherlike fallen leaves that are environment-friendly with white red stripes.

Song of India or Jamaica These cultivars originate from the reflexa types. ‘Song of India’ has slim fallen leaves, with sides of lotion or white, while ‘Song of Jamaica’ has darker environment-friendly fallen leaves with light environment-friendly in the.

There are many various sorts of dracaena, and also they are so very easy to expand that there is no justification not to have one in each area of your house.



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