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Dracaena Pruning Guide – How And When Should I Cut Back A Dracaena|


Dracaenais a category of concerning 40 flexible, easy-to-grow plants with unique, strappy fallen leaves. Dracaena is ideal for expanding outdoors in USDA plant strength areas 10 and also 11, it is most frequently expanded as a houseplant. Relying on the cultivar, dracaena might get to elevations of approximately 10 feet (3 m.) and even a lot more, which implies that normal dracaena cutting will most likely be essential. The bright side is that trimming dracaena plants isn’t really hard. These tough plants endure trims with little problem, and also you could reduce a dracaena to any kind of elevation you such as.

How to Prune a Dracaena

Pruning dracaena plants creates a complete, healthy and balanced plant, as 2 or even more brand-new branches, each with its very own collection of fallen leaves, will certainly quickly show up. Dracaena trimming isn’t really in any way hard. Below’s some useful pointers on how you can reduce a dracaena.

When the plant is proactively expanding in springtime and also summertime,

The finest time for trimming dracaena plants is. Prevent dracaena cutting while the plant is inactive in loss and also wintertime if feasible.

Be certain your reducing blade is sharp so cuts will certainly be tidy or even. Rough cuts are unpleasant and also could welcome illness. Dip your pruners or blade right into a mix of bleach and also water to guarantee it is devoid of disease-causing microorganisms.

Cut the walking canes at an angle to decrease the danger of infection. Get rid of any kind of broken walking canes, brownish fallen leaves or weak development.

Starting a New Plant with Dracaena Cuttings

When you reduced a dracaena, merely stick the walking stick in a pot loaded with wet sand or perlite. Look for brand-new development to show up in a couple of weeks, which shows the plant has actually rooted.

Alternatively, stick the walking stick in a glass of water on your kitchen area windowsill. Plant the walking stick in a container filled up with potting mix when it has actually rooted.



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