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Senecio Blue Chalk Plant Care|


A local of South Africa, blue chalk succulents (Senecio serpens) are commonly a fave of delicious cultivators. Senecio talinoidesbelows. mandraliscae, additionally called blue chalk sticks, is potentially a crossbreed and also was located in Italy. The South African local is called blue chalk blue or delicious fingers for its eye-catching blue, finger-like fallen leaves. It additionally creates white summertime blossoms.

Blue Chalk Succulent Info

Easy and also eye-catching to expand, this plant grows gladly in numerous landscapes and also containers, getting to 12 to 18 inches (30-46centimeters.) and also creating a thick floor covering.

Growing blue chalk sticks as a ground cover prevails in warmer locations. Different crossbreeds of the plant vary a little in look and also might carry out in a different way in the landscape. A lot of selections expand as a yearly plant in position with cool winter seasons, yet may amaze you and also return relying on the microclimate and also the area in the landscape.

This fascinating delicious expands in winter months and also is inactive in summertime. Tracking blue fingers could cover a significant location promptly, specifically in locations without frost and also freeze. An exceptional boundary plant, sampling for a rock yard, or for a plunging aspect in a delicious container plan, blue chalk plant treatment is easy also. Treatment for Senecio blue chalk sticks is comparable to that of numerous various other delicious plants.

How to Care for Blue Chalk

Overhead defense from trees, if you could locate this and also still have a spotted sunlight location, is an excellent area to plant or situate containers outside. Partial sunlight to light color urges spread of this eye-catching, matting groundcover.

Whatever scenario you pick for expanding blue chalk sticks, plant it in a fast-draining, abrasive mix, similar to various other succulents. Sandy dirts are ideal for this plant. Clay or various other non-draining dirts could promptly be completion of chalk stick, as could way too much water.

Limit watering as component of take care of Senecio blue chalk sticks. Enable durations of dry skin in between waterings. Feed with low-nitrogen plant food, weakened or utilize a delicious plant food for container plants. Some advise a weak garden compost tea plant food for delicious plants.

Cut back in late summertime, if required. Circulate extra blue chalk sticks from cuttings for one more screen. This blue plant is deer and also bunny immune and also shows up to additionally make it through fire.



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