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Protecting Trees with Bird Netting

If you have a problem with birds, you have actually probably tried many solutions. A few of the most popular include plastic animals, scarecrows, wind chimes, or extremely reflective tape. All of these things can do a fantastic task of reducing bird problems. I have quite a couple of cherry trees in my yard, and I utilized to have a hard time a lot with birds. After I applied all of these services, my problem went almost totally away. Regrettably, the service just lasted a few months.

Obviously, birds have a natural tendency to get bolder as time goes by. While initially my scarecrow frightened them senseless, now I look outside and see them resting on his shoulder. And chewing on cherries from my tree. Those insolent little fiends! I’m not saying I mind birds. I love having them around my lawn. However you see, I ‘ve currently designated one tree specifically for allowing birds to consume off of. However it appears that birds can’t be content with what they ‘re provided. They always feel the requirement to visit my own trees when there is a tree simply for them that does not have any frightening things around it.

I saw numerous gardening shops marketing a type of bird netting. I decided to utilize it. Bird netting is essentially a huge web that you toss over the entire tree. The holes are about one half of an inch broad. I acquired enough of this to cover one entire tree. It was quite an inconvenience to install, but it absolutely worked after that. I didn’t have anymore issues with birds taking cherries from that tree. But one day I got up and made my everyday rounds. On that day, I found 2 birds caught in the netting that had actually been choked to death. I felt absolutely awful. I buried the birds and immediately took down that netting. I didn’t wish to secure my tree at the expense of the birds ‘ lives! Sure, I ‘ll eliminate off a couple of bugs, however birds are a little too great for me.

For a while I felt too guilty to avoid the birds from consuming anymore. I believed that I would make it approximately them by letting them delight in my cherries. I even took down my scarecrow. However a few months later I saw something in a fabric store that made me reconsider my kindness. Nearly every fabric shop sells a material called “tulle “. It is very great netting with holes too small for any bird to fit its beak or head into. While it is simple to discover, it is also very cheap. Purchasing enough to cover one tree wound up costing less than half of what it cost for the deadly bird netting.

I installed the tulle onto my tree (I ‘ll admit it was a lot more difficult to install than the bird netting was. I needed to connect several large pieces together at the seams) and enjoyed it for a day. I desired to watch on it every 2nd, so that if a bird got caught I might rapidly help it out. Fortunately, no bird ever got caught. Tulle is a much more secure and cheaper alternative to bird netting, and I suggest it if you have any problems with birds. Just keep in mind to let them have at least one tree for themselves! Showing birds is an important part of being a great gardener.


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